Department of Fine Arts at Fontbonne University

The Department of Fine Arts offers a bachelor of arts (BA) degree with a major in art and a certification option in art (K-12), a bachelor of arts (BA) degree with a major in performing arts and a certification option in speech and theatre (5-12) and a bachelor of fine arts (BFA) degree with a major in fine arts and a certification option in art (K-12).

The department of fine arts offers three graduate degrees, a 30-hour master of arts degree for students involved in business and industry or K-12 teaching, a 60-hour master of fine arts degree for students primarily interested in improving studio skills or preparing for college-level teaching, and a 30-hour master of arts degree in theatre education.

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Department Personnel
Karen Byingtondepartmental secretary314.889.1431kbyington@fontbonne.eduFA241
Catherine Connor-Talasekassoc. professor of artCeramics314.889.1431ctalasek@fontbonne.eduFA241
Mark Douglasassoc. professor of art, chairpersonGraphics, Photo314.719.8055mdouglas@fontbonne.eduFA232
Deanna Jentassoc. professor of performing arts; director of theatre and performing artsTheatre314.889.4561djent@fontbonne.eduFA221
Henry Knickmeyerprofessor of artSculpture314.889.4572hknickmeyer@fontbonne.eduFA123
Tim Liddyassoc. professor of artPainting, Drawing314.889.4563tliddy@fontbonne.eduFA125
Michael Sullivanassistant professor of performing arts; technical directorTheatre314.889.4548msullivan@fontbonne.eduFA222
Victor Wangassoc. professor of artPainting, Drawing314.889.4544vwang@fontbonne.eduFA238


There is a bunch of technical information available here. An index can be found here. The broad categories are:

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